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Garhwal Himalayas
A view of Shivling When the eastward caravan of the Aryans first encamped on  the banks of  Ganga, since then  Garhwal, the devbhoomi (abode of gods),  was closely related with the legends  and  mythology, specially with the legendry heroes of Maha- bharata and Ramayana.

Garhwal has its prehistory hidden in the heavy veils of time. Recent archelogical excavations near Srinagar, and Mordhwaj date some settlements back to 800 B.C. 

Geographically, Tons river separates Garhwal from the Himachal Pradesh in the west, and district boundaries of Kumaon in the east. Starting from the foothills from the south , the region extends upto snow clad peaks, making the Indo Tibetan boundary Today Garhwal consists of Uttarkashi, Chamoli, Pauri, Tehri, and Uttarkashi districts and is spread over some 55,000 sq. Kilometers.
Tourism as pilgrimage ,is an age  old pheno- menon in Garhwal, Fortunately the recent trend of tourism  towards nature  have provided it better prospects to be the  perfect destination. Considering  the  thrilling  land  architecture, unique Himalayan flora and fauna,  and  of course the  culture heritage, Garhwal, surpasses the other parts of Himalayas. Apart from beig the source of two most important life giving rivers of  North  India . i.e.  Ganga  & Yamuna, the area is evidenced by a variety of landforms viz. Snow peaks, black mountains,  steep  escarpments,
deep  gorges,  hanging  valleys ,  glaciers and lakes, numerous  gushing  streams and swift cascading, 
falling , foaming rivers, and lush green meadows. The lure of  Garhwal  Himalayas  is  irresistible for the
mountaineer,  as  it  nestles  some  of  the most  challenging  peaks e.g.Nanda Devi,  Trishul,  Shivling,
Bhagirathi, Kamet, Neelkanth, Dunagiri, & Banderpunch etc.

In the words of Dr. T.G. LONGSTAFF, a seasoned traveller, and mountaineer, who first set foot on the summit of Mt. Trishul.

“I  still believe that Garhwal , is the most beautiful country of all Asia. Neither the primitive immensity of Karakoram, aloof domination of Mt. Everest, the softer Caucasian beauties of the Hindukush, nor any of the many other regions of Himachal can compare with Garhwal. Mountains and valleys, forests and alps birds and animals , butterfiles and flowers, all combine to make sum of delight usurpassable elsewhere.The human interest is stronger than in any other mountain region of the world, for these anciently named peaks are written of in the earliest annals of the Indo_Aryan Race.”

There is still more to Garhwal , than meets the eyes. Its mountains and valleys, forest and meadows, butterfiles and flowers are in prefect harmony.  Its sights,  scent,  sound and  silence provide a high degree of sensual delight.

Apart from belong the Mecca o Yoga and meditation,Garhwal is a destination of trekker, mountaineer, water sports lover (Rafting ,Kayaking ), skiler, wild life viewer , and pilgrim.

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Garhwal Himalayan Explorations  Pvt. Ltd.

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Garhwal Himalayan Explorations is a pioneer company specialized in trekking, rafting, Yoga Retreats, & Yatra (Pilgrimage) tours in Uttarakhand. Handling maximum number of foreign and domestic tourists coming to Uttarankhand (Garhwal) Himalayas for trekking, rafting, pilgrimage, yoga retreats   & special interest tours, GHE has its own fleet of brand new cars, jeeps, and mini buses with  latest world class rafting &  trekking equipment.

GHE has its own hotels &  best located guest houses camps & Retreats,  and do not sublet its clients to other operators.  GHE has

World Class Rafting & Trekking equipment.
High Bank  Peasants Cottage : Best located hotels and guest houses in Rishikesh
Ganga Nature Camp – Rafting Beach at Brahmpuri.
High Bank Himalayan Retreat On the Ganges -  Nature resort at Shivpuri where luxury is blended with pure  nature.
Himalayan  Heights – High Himalayan camp amidst thick cedar forest with breathtaking view of 180 degrees.
   Degrees view of the Himalayan peaks.

Fleet of brand new cars, jeeps & mini buses.
Above all -Team of dedicated experienced professionals working with the company for more than 19 years.





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To give personalized services, our specialized tours are only  in Garhwal Himalayas, ( Uttarakhand) with our base in Rishikesh the gate way to Garhwal Himalayas.

Branch Offices : To make the operations smooth we have branch offices in

Joshimath & Utterkashi

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